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Fort Worth and surrounding area Wedding Video Services.

     ATW Video Production offers a wide variety of Wedding Video Services so you can pick how much you want to capture of that magical day and still stay within a budget. We encourage you to shop around, you will see what a fantastic deal we offer!
Choose one of our video packages or pick and choose your services 'a la carte' for the best mix of value and service. Simply email us for more information!
Please email us with any questions. We gladly provide competitive quotes!

Service       Price
Package "A" Ceremony

A beautifully captured video of the wedding ceremony with 2 high quality Digital Cameras and audio from a remote microphone. We show up at (unless not requested) rehearsal to set positions and capture some of the rehearsal. We also arrive before the ceremony to capture the couple getting ready including some questions, we also capture guests arriving, etc... 1 DVD of the ceremony is included with the package. This includes 10 photos you provide to be added to the DVD presentation.

Package "B" Ceremony & Reception to cake cutting

Includes everything in Package "A" as well as the receiving line, recording the indoor and outdoor wedding photo session, and reception footage up to and including the cutting of the cake (prior to the meal). This includes an additional 10 photos you provide to be added to the DVD presentation.

Package "C" Ceremony & Most of Reception

Previous Packages "A" and "B" as well as a camera sent along in the limo, bus, carriage, after the ceremony to capture the 'now the formalities are over' moments. Also includes the meal and dance through the bouquet/garter throwing at the reception. Usually ending at 9pm. Also includes an additional 10 photos you provide to be added to the DVD presentation making a grand total of 40 photos for the DVD.


Additional time past all events listed above is available at      60.00hr
Pre-wedding photo montage added to video or just to DVD (non-wedding photos)       150.00
Interview 3 chosen guests at various points during the day for inclusion on the final DVD       150.00
Fun eception or Ceremony Guest Video Congratulations

   We setup up a stand alone camera and video projector (at either the reception or ceremony location) so guests can watch themselves while they congratulate the couple. The video is edited down to half an hour and added to the DVD. This is fun way to include those who attended (especially fun to have during the reception!)

A 'highlight' video of the day's events prepared and played that very evening for the party guests to view. Video added to final DVD product. This video is edited right after the ceremony and is ready to go for the reception/party (requires at least 3 hours between).


Additional DVDs     30.00ea
Frequently Asked Questions:
How long will my Wedding Video last?
     Your video will last up to 60 minutes (depending on any extra services you add).
How long will it take to receive my finished production?
     Your video will take 3 to 5 weeks for delivery (based on complexity of job).
What if there is some part of the video I want changed?
     We can go back and reedit the video to your liking at a rate of $60 and hour.
Can I add my favorite songs to the video?
     Unfortunately ASCAP laws prohibit this without a license to do so.






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