According To Whim

Season 2 Screen Grabs (9.17.09)

Nathan and Chris perform at Satan's Bidour

Chris and Nathan practice for their big show.

Chris budgets while Nathan is mentally breaking down.

Nathan is flying high at his job... just before...

Greenly Meadows sells Splish (with even more Calicum Bromide)!

The landlord waves a cheery goodbye to her new tennants.

Chris and Nathan before the 'finger and the cat' incident.

Robotech never sounded so good!

Nathan (after something dramatic).

Nathan hides from the ex.

Chris rocks out!

Nathan is soooo bored he is taking an inventory of cereal.

Miguel talks to Greenly and Lewis about 'sowing wild oats'.

The landlord can never seem to get the house clean.

Nathan takes advice from the homeless Miguel.

Chris in exile.


Nathan (as Greenly) in a green-screen test.