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Invest your money with us. A sure fire extra income!

Invest In Us?

Do you want to ride with us on our rocket-blast to fame and fortune and massive income? We are always looking for investors for our projects. If you are interested in backing us financially we are game! We have a fairly straight forward view of outside investors:

We return 10% within 2 years with no further obligations from us. We thought about being more detailed and creating percentages on our income and fame (sort of like a promoter) but thought better of it. It's a simple investment that has a rate of return almost double of the national bank standard. It's income you can bet on! Let the money roll in!

Let's do some simple look-sees:

Invest with us: 5,000 - We give you back 5,500 back within 2 years.

Invest with us 50,000 - We give you back 55,000 within 2 years.

You won't find a better bank account ROI in these times!

You can review the plan we have for your investment and we allow you to have some input (minor, mind you) on the project. The projects we have planned are: Independant movies, Retail outlets, Card/Board Games, etc... just about anything!




If you are interested please email us and we will get back to you ASAP!






 Invest your money with us. A sure fire extra income!
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