ATW-Video Production

Fort Worth / DFW area video production company. Corporate videos, Parties, Projects, and more.
     ATW Video Production offers a wide variety of Video Production Services without the high price of most video production companies. We are a small business which means BIG savings to you!
We film Corporate Videos, Weddings, Parties, School Projects, your Public Access Shows, and more! Please click on the links to your left for Corporate Videos and Wedding prices and all other info is below. Please remember that each project is different and prices and services are negotiable depending on the variables your project provides. Click the link to the left or here for the estimate page.
Corporate Videos:
  • We setup before your event and stay until the client wants.
  • We can shoot interviews and anecdotes if wanted.
  • We edit the footage in the PC.
  • We give you a DVD of the event.
  • We give you all the master footage.
  • Email us for a complete price list.
Artistic Projects:
  • Your projects are scheduled for shooting up to a month in advance.
  • We coordinate what you want and the desired outcome.
  • We can shoot anything from videos for college/schools to art groups.
  • We can shoot community events like poetry clubs or reading groups.
  • We edit the footage in the PC.
  • We can create a DVD or VHS copy of the event.
  • We reproduce as many copies as need for distribution.
  • We give discounts for events we can broadcast on Public Access TV.
  • Email us for a complete price list.
Public Access / Internet Shows:
  • We schedule a meeting time to discuss what you need to accomplish.
  • We assist in the preparation of the show.
  • We edit the footage in the PC.
  • We can provide webspace for the show on the internet.
  • We assist you in getting a timeslot on local Public Access TV.
  • We give you all the master footage.
  • We charge very little for this service.
  • Email us for a complete price list.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What type of camera equipment do you use?
     We use Canon Digital SLRs. Highly customizable.
Your prices are extremely lower than other video production companies, why?
     We are a 3 man operation, utilizing one high-end camera, low overhead means low prices!
What is your operating service area?
     Just email us your location and we will give you the info. We are based out of Saginaw but will travel to
     all parts of the DFW area!
How long will it take to receive my finished production?
     Your video will take 2 to 5 weeks for delivery depending on the project.







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